Ok so started a new thread…

(since they are pretty hefty in size their on dropbox for now…)

One of these is an older one that I reposted mostly because I was still very fond of it:

Aside from that there’s Mini that Clemens saw at the Blue Systems meetup:

Two Music inspired wallpapers

And one more

Then there are the wolf ones… ok so these are a tad tricky - they are minimalist wallpapers BUT they are cutouts, translucent so that the user can chose his or her own spotcolor by setting them to “centered” in the wallpaper settings and then clicking the color tab.


Right now I’m playing around with that to see what happens with PNG’s that are just translucent as a whole and not with any opaque color. You could edit the entire color of the whole thing that way which would be kinda cool :slight_smile:

Will post it when I’m done with that… there are one or two more too need to fiddle a liiiiittle bit more with them :slight_smile:

Here is a “drowned” underwater lady wallpaper:

I couldn’t find original picture source.

Liberio wallpaper is a perfect match for Netrunner 16.