Weather Gone Wrong

The Yahoo Weather plasmoid is now broken. Yahoo changed something in the api again.

Switched to the default based on and is definitely not reliable for united states.

Using their location for Portland,Or. US

And Yawp no longer available.

So any help to determine weather before I leave my cave. Can look it up browser style but not what I want.
Because more than a minute or two outside my skin starts to smoke in Direct Sunlight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else having issues with Weather plasmoids?

Orbmiser, this was already brought up.

Plasma 5.6 which is currently in testing, brings back the official Weather Forecast applet:

Yes the official version is the one above that is inaccurate for US locations using 1st image. Second link if you look at images will see it’s the same that 5.6 is using? Since nro is based on a Norwegian web site. And OWM option doesn’t give any data at all for my location 5746545.

So stuck between a rock and hard place finding one that gives accurate US weather in our format and not metric.

Your images are showing Weather Widget 1.6.5 provided by plasma5-applets-weather-widget or via the “Get New Widgets” dialog.
Weather Widget (org.kde.weatherWidget)

My screenshot is showing the official Weather Forecast 5.6.1 plasmoid provided by kdeplasma-addons 5.6.x.
Weather Forecast (

Plasma 5.6.1 just hit stable this morning.

Please give a few hours for all the mirrors to sync.

So official Weather Forecast 5.6.1 plasmoid provided by kdeplasma-addons 5.6.x.
Is Not in the Get New Widgets? As only seeing the two from listed above as had installed both of them.

And if coming in a a few hours or days no biggie just hope it supports more common to US sites like Accuweather,etc…

Yes, this is the return of the Weather Forecast plasmoid that was available in KDE 4.

Would noaa work better for you than wettercom?

It also looks like noaa has all three airports for Portland,OR listed. :wink:

Yep think that is the one I used when I used that plasmoid in 4.


Man-O-Man can’t believe how hard it is to get basic weather widget working.
As the new weather widget set to Wetter gives no info on current temps compared to yours set to noaa.

First installed the new 5.6 weather first bug type in the city hit return and then search dialog just closes.
You have to hit the search button instead. 2nd bug after second try noaa options finally showed up.
So selected just like yours and got the same popup with current and all.

Running in tray then stops updating and goes to red circle with x thru it after a couple of hours.
Now when searching only wetter options are shown zero for noaa.
And if let it search long enough comes up with a Timed out error after 3-4 mins.

Man I can’t believe 3 different weather widgets and none working right for me.