Web Accounts not working

I’ve been trying to add my Google Account to Web accounts but whenever I can get it to actually load the Credentials form (about once every 4 or 5 tries) after entering the info and clicking Next, the KDE control module crashes every single time. What can I do to fix this?

Which package version do you have installed?

0.3git20130119-2, which it says is the latest version. It seems like a really cool thing, if I could only get it to work.
BTW, do email notifications here work for anyone else? I am subscribed to this thread (instant email notifications) but I don’t receive them and they aren’t going to the junk folder. I have to keep checking back constantly to see if there are replies.

Have you turned on “Instant Email” in your profile under Options?
That way you should receive email to all your subscribed threads in case of a reply.

Have you setup Kwallet, maybe KWallet is causing the trouble.
I would suggest to reset KWallet and try again, best is to use KWallet without any real password, by leaving the password fields blank the first time, then it is still encrypted and secure, but if you hit “allow once” afterwards, KWallet doesnt bother you anymore.

Yes, Instant Email is turned on but I don’t get emails.

I just checked KWallet and the box for Enable KWallet is unchecked. Do I have to use Kwallet for this to work? I hate Kwallet and have always kept it disabled. I’ll enable it if it is the only way this will work, but that program is just a nuisance even if you leave the fields blank.

Yes, use this trick and Kwallet becomes non-intrusive:
First time Kwallet pops up after you enable it, use Basic setup, then leave both password and password repeat field blank and ignore the warning.
Then you choose “always allow” for any application that requests KWallet useage, and that’s it.
Try with Google Webaccounts and it should work.

OK, I did that and it looked like it was working. I gave it access to my google account and checked the Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks boxes. But in Kontact, although it shows a list of my calendars (with checkmarks), it doesn’t show any of my appointments. It just shows a blank calendar. It did pull in some of my contacts but the calendar is what is important to me.

Seems odd. Maybe google changed again their api slightly, so each plugin of web-accounts is developed and maintained by someone, googledata resource is here:

I think the whole akonadi and telepathy plus webaccounts will be revised (hopefully ready before netrunner 13.06 hits the streets), so other than asking the maintainer, we just can wait for the next release to have an update.

OK, then. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. It would be handy to have my google calendar in Kontact. Something else weird, I DID get an email notification this time for your latest reply, but not for the previous ones or any from my other thread here, and I didn’t change anything. Weird.

Check your subscribed threads in your ucp, maybe after your last reply you were subscribed to it and so you receive a notify for each reply.

It does show all my threads in the UCP and I got a notification this time but I also see in my UCP that my other subscribed thread has several replies and I have not gotten notifications for any of them. I’d better go check that thread now.