I installed Netrunning rolling release, webaccounts is not included? Is it possible to install?

You must have the used the 32 bit iso. Yes it is in the repository, you can install it with octopi, just type webaccounts in the search window, then right click install to select and hit the check mark at the top to apply, Or you can just open the terminal with F12 and type in sudo pacman -S webaccounts.

I installed the 64 bit

Hmm, the 64 bit version installs webaccounts, it’s in the system settings under social accounts.

This is the webaccount for 64bit rolling version

I installer webaccounts using this : sudo pacman -S webaccounts, but I cannot find it, I see the file is there in octopi but I does now work

Update your mirrors, repositories and system first:
sudo pacman-mirrors -g

sudo pacman -Syyu

web account should be installed with the system update.

If not then run:
sudo pacman -S webaccounts