what about reinstalling machine drivers after you install netrunner

iam thinking of installing netrunner but what about reinstalling the machine drivers after the install

What machine drivers do you mean exactly ?

do you still have to search for drivers like you normaly do when you install os
the drivers like network or dislpay and alike

This depends on your hardware. Most probably not as linux in general supports tons of hardware out of the box.
If you want to play games on nvidia or amd card it makes sense to install the proprietary drivers that are available via the hardware driver manager tool. The same goes for some obscure hardware (some bluetooth or wireless chips) which needs a special proprietary firmware.

how easy is it for a novice to do as far as complete install iam teaching my self about computers and repair so any knowlage will be helpful i like to do repairs with out physicly tearing down if i can

Installing the drivers normally should be easy when using the driver manager. It only involves two clicks.

  1. Choose the driver to use
  2. Hit apply.