What Happened To The Software Center?

I just installed the rolling edition of net Runner 64 bit and found that the software center is gone and nothing is installed to do with software except this Octo-crap… whatever it is!

You really should install Synaptic as a default back up for software/package install and uninstall.

EDIT: Oh great… I just started reading about this rolling release and found it is NOT the normal NetRunner.
I tried running apt-get in the terminal and found it is not understood which then led me to read about this new rolling release.

Just great. I was happy with the regular netrunner and wish THAT ONE would become a rolling release!

Now I have to go and re-download the regular NetRunner and re-install. So much fun Wasting my time with this crap! That is the thing I have found
with running linux in general. I seem to spend more time on screwing with the OS than getting any real stuff done!

As Netrunner Rolling is using another packagemanager infrastructure this is not possible.
However work is ongoing to bring Muon Discover to Netrunner Rolling.

Octopi is basically a synaptic replacement as it is intended for packages.

Netrunner Standard is based on Ubuntu (Debian derivative), Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro (Arch Linux derivative). This makes the package structures as well as the package managers incompatible with each other.

Yah… i realized this after the fact of DLing and installing. I just never thought Netrunner would stray from Debian.

I am now DLing the 13.12 version again and will re-install.

Yes, I would always recommend that you use what you are comfortable with.

But I just don’t get it… as to WHY they wasted their time on another platform when they could have been working to make the one they already had, -->Better??

Maybe, because one does not put all of ones eggs in one basket, or maybe some of the devs saw Manjaro and decided it would make a better base for a rolling version, I don’t know, I can’t speak for Blue Systems or their decisions.

I personally prefer Manjaro over Ubuntu, the packages are very close to upstream releases, even Debian unstable has OLD versions in comparison, I also find Manjaro to be a tiny bit more stable as well. Now the AUR os probably my favorite thing about ARCH based systems, If I can’t find something in the system repository, 10 to 1 it’s available through the AUR,

Just my opinions though,

I was a netrunner user for quite a while, but did not like the underlying Ubuntu system and lack of available software packages. So, I moved to Manjaro for the more up to date software and the abundance of software packages in the AUR.

While I I very much like Manjaro KDE, I do prefer the customization and choices that Blue Systems provides with netrunner. I will be moving to netrunner rolling in the next while. It looks like the best of both worlds.

My experience with rolling releases is that I have never been able to install once and update forever. At some point I find that a fresh installation cures the little random problems that crop up over time. The only advantage of a rolling release for me is that it allows me to choose when to do a fresh install, rather than follow the distro’s release schedule.

For those who are happy with the regular netrunner based on Ubuntu, stay with it. But, if you have always wanted to try Arch Linux, this is a good way to sample what it has to offer without the pain of the Arch Way. :wink:

I also suspect that there will be a few more like me, who will migrate from Manjaro KDE to netrunner rolling as Manjaro is making its KDE edition look like its flagship XFCE edition. There are a few of us who prefer the QT look rather than the GTKish look of Manjaro KDE.

I applaud the Manjaro and Blue Systems teams for outstanding work! I have been using Linux as my primary operating system since the mid 1990’s (KDE 1.0) and have used most all of the major distros and DE/WM’s. The netrunner and Manjaro distributions are the ones I have been most content with. I am looking forward to using the combination of both in netrunner rolling and am also excited at what the next generation of KDE will also add.


Maybe if you spent some of your precious time reading - rather than jumping in with two feet - you might then get more time to do stuff.

Less screwing more reading… No wait that can’t ever be right :smiley: but you get my point I think

I do get the frustration. Sometimes directions are taken which I personally think are obviously the result of borderline mental retardation, e.g., combining phone/tablet/desktop into a single one idiocy fits all UI - freakin’ asinine from a desktop user perspective.

Choice is never a bad thing. And especially so coming from a group who doesn’t even have a donate button on their website anywhere.

There’s a small learning curve for a different system but after that things tend to become simple and extremely efficient.

The combination of Blue Systems/Manjaro/Arch into Netrunner Rockin’ is, without a doubt, the coolest system I’ve tried. And it’s exceptionally stable, highly responsive, and less quirky than any ubuntu/ubuntu based version ever was for me.

So, this particular Netrunner decision/direction is one decision that… just rocks in every way… :stuck_out_tongue:

@ critter
I don’t think I could’ve put that any better.

Keep it real brother…

Speaking of keeping it real, something seemed a bit off with this thread so running with that hunch I checked some posting history. Sure enough, there is a blatantly, shall we say, “distinct” historical pattern.

My history or anothers?

LoL, I was/am being vague to ensure I don’t fall into forum rules violation status. Definitely not your history.

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