What Video software is it that comes stock with Netrunner?

Hi all,

I’ve got a triple monitor setup and no matter how hard I’ve tried I’ve only gotten 2 monitors to work on other distros. Netrunner 16 works and runs all 3 from the get-go. I’ve setup Arch Linux and gotten a full customized setup, but would like to use whatever I need from Netrunner to get all 3 monitors up and running.

Does anyone know what it is that is doing the trick or can at least provide me a link or list of what all the stock Ozymandias video software is?


Matthew Propst

Monitor setup is done via the xorg driver and randr, Plasma 5 has it’s own randr (screen setup) based utility built in.

So basically just use the xorg based driver rather than Nvidia and install Plasma 5 and I should be good to go?

No, you misunderstand.
Netrunner 16 uses plasma 5, Netrunner 14 used Plasma 4 (KDE SC 4). these both already have a utility to setup displays, as does gnome, xfce, etc. What I was saying is that if your using the xorg drivers then use the built in utilities. However since your using the proprietary driver you would need to use it’s utility to set the displays up.