Whats the easiest method to install a compiz cube type thing?

im really in love with this debian blackbird distro that I setup betty the terminal assistant and netdata on but it would be great to get the cube effect going without messing up my current system.

Thankyou for your assistance.

It’s under system settings > plasma tweeks > desktop effects

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thankyou, how do I switch desktops with it enabled? I only enabled the cube switching by the way. WOW it really does do everything xD

Not sure, I’ve never used the cube, not even with compiz. :wink:

Create 4, or at least 2 virtual desktop in one row.
Assign a shortcut for switching virtual desktops left and right or use a plasmoid.

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By default you can use CTRL+F8 to trigger the cube and use your mouse to switch desktops.

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