What's wrong with AMD Driver and Cairo-Dock

Good evening everybody , I’m facing problems updating AMD driver for my ATI RAdeon HD6670 and Cairo-Dock.
I removed old version of the driver and installed the new one, everything seems fine, but when I reboot the pc , the dock is slowed down ( I mean, animations are really slow ).
Glxgears works fine , so I ask if this could be a Cairo’s related problem , or what else?

Could be a cairo issue.
Can you check if Cairo Dock allows you to switch the compositing backend ?

If it does not work and you think its a driver issue can you revert back to the old driver and see if it works again ?

I confirm that’s a Cairo related issue: when you set the effect for hiding the dock , and you open a window on it the animation start to slow down.
I’m going to check if there’s already a bug report opened, or I’ll do it :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you informed.