when will come the plasma update ?

why plasma 5.8.4 ? as in maui,where is the 5.8.5 ? is not new out of yesterday …
why kde apps version 16.08.3 ? where is 16.12.2 ? that is not out from yesterday either…
frameworks 5.28.0 ? oh c’mon guys,move up,5.30 is out too,do you mind get ur heads in the game and actually work there on updates ?
the 5.8.6 will be up soon (all are LTS version,so you guys have no excuse) and we don’t ask for 5.9 that is not an LTS,and when u manage it,help maui team too,they r not capable of making that work either,even 5.8.4 is in a backport,not in a main

Hi Marius,

small rant:
I do wonder why people on one side are satifsfied running years old Windows7 instead of Windows10, but complain about months or even a few weeks or days old updates, which often even tend to destablize a perfectly running systems with inter-component regressions…

As for your question:
Netrunner (and maui) is all about partitially rolling to stable and tested updates, not latest and 0day…
If you really would want that, you could choose kde neon directly, or go with arch.

Debian Base simply doesnt have the absolute latest updates yet, so even with enabling the LIVE debian rolling repositories, it is always a bit behind what neon or arch might offer, because of thouroughly testing things.

As for Maui, we will go straight up to 5.9.x, but 5.9.2 is still having issues, which we do not want to ship to our audience.

So simply stay tuned, both Netrunner and Maui will get all the updates just a little slower and therefore more tested.

i didn’t said day 0,that was the point, i don’t give 2 degerated onions on ppl running windows, even if they r on windows 3.01,i have Debian 9 installed too, it is coming with 5.8.4 since u install it, netrunner comes on 5.8.2 and i believe that the update come from backport, yeah, i understand that need to be stable, but if stable means, ok next year u get the next update for the LTS that came out last year, arch has the last, and the forked distros, buntu has the last and the forks, exept maui, i tried korora, fork of fedora, on the last too, so? u think that i am a grant, so be it, still… and maui said :we work on 5.8.5, long ago, and when we finish, we will go to work on 5.8.6 and that was long ago too, even the 5.8.4 is only in backport,.now they say, we work on 5.9,let’s see till when they will, probably will say that is broking everything and waiting for 5.10,many from other distros told me lot of times, don’t go on a distro were the devs don’t know to compile the new updates, maybe they are right

This one is amusing :slight_smile:

The same people from our team did Kubuntu in the past and now are doing KDE Neon.

We just have a different set of repos for Maui and Netrunner and our way of doing updates compared to Neon is more focused on quality, kind of a laid back style whereas Neon’s probably what you’re looking for with much much faster updates.

In any case, you should trust the distro makers that the updates come in fashion and meanwhile enjoy a running system, it is how we do things in Netrunner (and Maui).

I really don’t understand this type of anger. If you don’t like what the devs are doing, then go to another distro. There are much more people here that understand THE REASONS why they are doing it the way they are - for instance, my work laptops rely on Maui being bullet proof and I don’t need the latest releases to break them. I don’t have 2 days after each update to fix the system or wait for fixes that would bring my productibility back. This is not like Windows world where you don’t have any options. Distrowatch currently shows 290 distros. if you don’t like what Maui and Netrunner do, but like the unstable distros like Arch, Korora etc. nobody is keeping you here. Open source is all about free choice so if you don’t like something, you can switch to something else. No need to humiliate someone’s work or make yourself the wisest man on the planet.