Where did KDE Wallet go

After upgrading to KDE 4.14.0, KDE Wallet has disappeared:


I then do this:

[martin@sgc ~]$ sudo pacman -Q kdeutils-kwalletmanager [sudo] password for martin: error: package 'kdeutils-kwalletmanager' was not found [martin@sgc ~]$

I then install kdeutils-kwalletmanager and I have KDE Wallet back:


Although it seems to be working OK, I’m a bit puzzled as to why there’s a warning triangle on the KDE Wallet icon.

The kdeutils-kwallet package was renamed to kdeutils-kwalletmanager upstream, with version 4.14.0, I’m not sure why kwallet ended up being completely removed instead of replaced with the new package, but that’s one for the package
maintainers to figure out, for now I would just recommend installing the kdeutils-kwalletmanager package yourself.

Oops, I just noticed that this is what you actually did, so kudos to you my friend. :slight_smile:

I asked about this in the Manjaro forum and here is the reply I got from core team member Ayceman:

This won’t effect the next set of ISO’s since they will already be running KDE SC 4.14. but for those of us with current Installs this fix will be pushed to us soon. Installing kdeutils-kwalletmanager yourself also fixes this issue.

Thanks once again for your efforts and just as a matter of interest, I’ve got rid of the warning triangle on the KDE Wallet icon by clicking the “Close when last application stops using it” checkbox and then clicking “Apply”.

You really should pay more attention :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: