Where do I find Yarock, QMPlay2 and Gradio?

How do I find the repo/s that contain the web radio apps Yarock, QMPlay2 and Gradio?

There are some repos just like this one: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:stevepassert
Though I did not find a repo providing all of the packages you want.

So either you compile the apps yourself or you keep adding different repos that have those. Though I would not recommend it as they might interfere with each other.

Thank you for your response!

Debian has the most packages in their repos and I thought they would have those apps I was looking for. I just didn’t know how to find the right repo. I haven’t figured how to navigate Debian’s world yet.

I was betting Debians large package base would contain the apps I need and I could hopefully just add a multimedia repo or something like that.