Where is the software centre?

Is there a software centre in netrunner Horizon and if so where? I want to install chromium or Opera. Thanks very much

There’s the synaptic package manager if you want which can help you with installing pretty much anything you want.

this is odd but what it under ive looked everywhere typed synaptic into search box and it does not come up with anything? thanks

all i have is this thing called discover but everytime i use it it crashes and i get the error message…

The PackageKit daemon has crashed

To reinstall, use this command: sudo apt-get install plasma-discover
FYI; Plasma Discover seems to have some search issues and by adding “muon”* seems to help. sudo apt-get install muon
“Muon” is also another package manager.

A better choice might be to reinstall the system default “Synaptic Package Manager”; sudo apt-get install synaptic

Other odd issues with programs & the system in general, seems to be the result of keeping the “/Home” partition when installing/updating over a current linux OS. Programs that were installed on the older OS may show program icons in the new OS, but fail to start because they are not installed by default.