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Who is "Blue-systems"?

I tried to find out “Who is behind blue-systems?”
The link for info seems to the browser to be suspicious.
Somehow irritating!

www(dot)blue-systems(dot)com has an expired certificate from 24/11/2020.
Other info:

Thank you for reporting. This will be fixed soon.

Thanks, this is a very interesting story behind blue systems.
Are your servers located in Germany as well?

Somebody told me about a system called “Neptune65-Plasma5” and I learned that Leszek is the man behind it.
Very impressiv! This system should be of some interest for KDE-fans.
And it has a dual language forum. English and german.
I listened to an interview with you on youtube and was astonished, you are nativ german speaking.
Probably the majority in this forum is nativ german as well.
So this could be an option to do it the same way?

Thanks :slight_smile:
I don’t know where Blue Systems servers are located to be honest.
Yeah Neptune has a german and english speaking part of the forum.
I am not sure there is a need to do this here aswell. It produces a bit of overhead and not all people supporting here in the forum can speak german.
I think english is more of a universal standard that all Netrunner users can understand and use here.