Why Debian ?

Can you explain why this new version of Netrunner is going to be based on Debian. Which version of Debian will it be based on, will it be rolling or semi-rolling.

This version is based on Debian Stable, as explained in the release annoncement:

Basically, Netrunner will be based on a the stable (long term supported) branch of Debian with QT, Plasma, Plasma Frameworks and the KDE applications suite (Dolphin, Kate, Telepathy, etc.) rolling on top.

The main difference between Maui and Netrunner is that Maui is meant to replace our Kubuntu based version, but on top of Neon instead, whereas everything Netrunner will now be based on Debian stable.

My thanks to Netrunner developers for this excellent and good choice distro (Netrunner Core 17.1). Having a stable base with rolling application is great. And minimal install which is customised with your own choice of applications. I have not found other distros such as this.

Coming from Arch Linux 2002 and 10 years later needed to have a more stable distro such as Linux Mint, I missed the rolling system. As well as kept away from the bloated KDE but recently came a need to install it because of the Dolphin file manager’s tags feature. The upgrade from 5.8.2 to 5.8.6 was a surprise when it improved the tags feature as well as fixed a bug.

The KDE speed and snappy respond is good. MATE and XFCE is snappier but the difference is minor that its not noticeable.

Keep up with the great work.