Why is my account deleted?

There are a trouble with the server right? Yesterday my two posts which was about the trouble with shortcuts had been deleted. One admin, Starbuck, messaged me to announce that it was not intentionally. Now my account is deleted and I have to register a new one, with the same username and email, just like I am a new one? This also means that my message to Starbuck will never be read. I just don’t know why :huh:

I couldn’t log on for the last couple of days, too. Then, I couldn’t get it to email me a new password. So, I finally registered again and now it is OK.

Is there a problem with the forum?

Hi Ooker,
your message has been read, so no problem.
The SPAM prevention deleted your posts and a user with no posts for a period of 3 days registered also are deleted. Since those posts were your only ones so far, when deleted you had 0. So no you have 4 valid posts, all should be fine.

Should that rule be more visible to new comers?

I dont think so… the only reason to register is to write a post, as reading doesnt require an account… Otherwise, we had 30,000 SPAM accounts which slowed down the whole website significantly.

So it even should be visible for the new comers. Adding a line of big words doesn’t occupy space too much.

And I had opened the post, it meant that I’m not a spammer.

I reply here so I wont get deleted… :slight_smile:

haha, seems like this post is for who want his/her account to be deleted :))