Why isn’t there a net-runner wiki ?

I’ve been using net-runner rolling since ~July 2014 (loving it BTW). As some background, I’m a longtime linux user (since ~2004) but I don’t really get into the weeds too much: In those 10 years, I pretty much stuck with debian-based and went from Linspire >>> Freespire >>> MEPIS >>> Linux mint KDE very briefly >>> now net-runner rolling. My wife’s PC has been happily running net-runner 14 for a couple of months now. During my time with Linspire/MEPIS, I have relied and edited heavily on their wikis – that was the first stop before going to the forums; after I learned something I would edit or correct the wiki.

So with that background, here is my comment (beef, if you will) with net-runnner: Lack of a wiki.

I know that “Readme Rolling 2014.04” refers to manjaro and arch’s wiki, which are good resources that I have used. But the problem I run into is where net-runner is different than manjaro or arch. That is where a wiki to would be good: to give some specifics for a net-runner user while referring or providing further reading at the manjaro or arch wikis. So I wouldn’t envision it as being a comprehensive or detailed as those wikis.

I couldn’t find where this topic has been discussed before, so…anyway…. That is my thought I wanted to express. If a wiki is started I’d definitely be a contributor.

Cheers, Bill

Netrunner Rolling is built upon Manjaro with only a few minor additions in our own blueshell repository. Netrunner’s default selection of packages, a few minor customization, and the look and feel are pretty much all that makes it different from the Manjaro KDE Edition.

I hear you, although I don’t really find much KDE stuff on manjaro’s wiki. And note that I’m looking at this from a new/novice user perceptive rather than a knowledgeable/experienced linux user. For a simple example, the ‘Start here for an overview!’ page doesn’t mention anything about KDE. It mentions octopi, but the net-runner ‘Readme Rolling’ page doesn’t mention octopi. Another simple illustration is the Manjaro DE wiki page only has 3 links under the KDE category - with one being how to install KDE.

I probably just got spoiled with “one system base, one DE” distros like Linspire and MEPIS: The wikis and forums were so well documented and concise.
With things like Linux Mint and Manjaro/Net-runner, there is so much other “stuff” to wade through to find solutions, or figure what is or isn’t applicable to what you have installed. Although I have personally figured out how to (most times) wade through it all, I sometimes think that requirement to do so might keep new users from sticking with linux.

Anyway, that is off my chest now :slight_smile: … carry on

Manjaro’s wiki as well as all of the Manjaro specific tools like mhwd, pamac, Thus, etc. is for the most part desktop environment agnostic. Netrunner does give a brief example of their specific tools on the website, but I do agree maybe some sort of page or wiki on them each would be good for the users.