Why not only use debian as base for Netrunner

Had a question about

  1. netrunner is on stable debain version ?
  2. Why dont netrunner developers work only on debain and make their own OS rather then using kubuntu along with it ?

I am srry just had in my mind to ask this question
But defenately switching other desktop I :heart: Netrunner and i have installed in many of my friends machine as well.

1.NO, Netrunner is distro based on (K)Ubuntu
2. Debian is very conservative distro, I am disappointed with Debian,I am disappointed with bad support for AMD grafic driver
I’m shocked Debian developer inserting AMD 14.1 beta driver version in testing-jeesy. мany programs stopped working and reset X servers. I do not know how to get back 13.12 AMD graphics drivers.

Read this:http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=3253
I put 14.1 driver and new kernel in Netrunnner and all program works OK

Hi captainfreaky,

good question!
We are thinking a bit about a possible second based version too:
One other alternative base than DEB is ARCH.
Manjaro is very successfull on their approach, becoming what Mint currently is for DEB.
While ARCH is a bit more “Rebel Base” compared to the stable but slowly “Empire” Debian, it seems fast-paced and therefore an interesting alternative :slight_smile:

I think it is necessary to take the best of every distributive. Debian is very conservative in the stable version. Ubuntu / Kubuntu progressive distributive. To get the benefit in the form of stability and progressiveness - use both, this is the right decision.
No! Arch is not the best choice. Arch is unstable in nature. Arch is a problem out of nowhere. I think it’s better to use distributions that more stability. And Arch such, it seems to me - not applicable.

I do not understand the philosophy of Debian, develoveri put AMD 14.01 beta drivers, write that there are no errors, start programs when they use that driver and shoot down X. I get the Catalyst drivers and make for Ubuntu and it works, for Debian can’t do thet. The operation completed successfully patient died = Debian

The 14.1 drivers aren’t in debian stable but in testing which is supposed to break sometimes. But in your case I am not completely sure if it isn’t a hardware specific problem as I know other users successfully using this drivers ontop of debian.
As for the Ubuntu comparison. You need to compare a stable official version with another stable official version. This means compare Debian Stable to Ubuntu and not Debian Testing or even Unstable.


I can’t compare the stable wheezy release because I wiped wheezy. Why did I wipe, I installed the proprietary drivers from respositories. Result, I lost tty1- tty6, tty1- tty6 became invisible. This is just one of the reasons why I deleted wheezy. My machine is not trash, video card is an AMD HD 6790, the Bulldozer CPU 6 core the most high expensive water cooling Cooler master, MSI motheboard, 16GB RAM, 1 x SSD drive, 2 x 1 SATA 1TB drive , 1 x 2TB drive. On my machin I have 10 OS, Win7, Cinnamon, Mint KDE, Kali, Jeesy, Alpha 14.04 Unity, Gnome-shel, Kubuntu, Manjaro, SolydXK (jeesy with cosmetic, not upgrade to 14.1 drivers) , Netrunner etc…Conclusions do not make it by heart, but try and find error, with my opinion and testing wheezy was not as good distro.

When the arch based system will start but i have again a question between arch and gentoo as this linux thing is always on war like progamming none of teh site shows pros and cons liek a product sale in the b2b or b2c websites where you compare product
One more part of it there is no grappic production company where they release their source code Nvidea and amd both proprietory where linux user are hanged being in as a jungle man.
as said by him I would like to have stable linux desktop same here what we all come from windows we would like to have stable one to first run and know how system works rather then messing it up and pointing towards some one which people are easy to tend to point.

If you are looking for an alternative base, why not use openSUSE?


  1. openSUSE Build Service (Open Build Service (OBS)) is a great alternative for Ubuntu launchpad/ppa repos.
  2. http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:One_Click_Install – something like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/add-apt-repository but with a graphical UI, which makes installing software really easy
  3. https://susestudio.com/ an easy way to create iso, integrated with openSUSE Build Service
  4. Yast http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YaST – a set of powerful configuration modules
  5. openSUSE have a lifetime of 2 releases + 2 months (18 months) with Evergreen releases (3 years support) compared to 9 months of Kubuntu.
  6. Possibility to automatically create brtfs snapshots, with YaST and zypper (and we all know how problematic can software management be in linux, coughaptfailures)
  7. openSUSE is a KDE-centric distro with a very active and friendly community.

Zypper is a great package manager, but is missing a decent GUI, Yast module is powerful but complicated. There is also Apper, but it is only recommended as an upgrade tool. However, since Muon already has multi-backend architecture it shouldn’t be hard to write a new backend for zypper.

What do you think?

[color=#000080]I do not recommend OpenSUSE, is very difficult even for people with some knowledge of Linux, personally I’ve used and generates many errors, plus it’s not as customizable as Netrunner.
The (.deb) is a thousand times greater than the package (.rpm)

To be honest it is much easier than clean Kubuntu :wink: And rpm is comparable to deb, not much difference from user point of view.

I agree OpenSUSE has a great configuration utility with yast2. As for packageformat and tools there is no big difference nowadays.
The buildservice and the one click installer are great features that sets opensuse apart aswell as the fantastic KDE support.

Suse has a big problem if you try to install the SUSE on multiboot linux systen can can’t do it … Precise when SUSE done the first part of the installation and restart SUSE do not know where to go back and continue the installation.

I do not know if this is possible but yes if we start using head everything is possible :slight_smile: why straight away a webpage is not given where you can use kernal of personl choice the desktop environment software etc and download the OS ?

Sounds like Suse Studio.

well, my opinion is that i’m quiet happy wit Netrunner as it is.
the only things i do not 100% like are:
as a debian base there is no rolling release. due to this there may be the need for reinstall from time to time if there is no update-script in place.
and as a second point i do not like to much that there is no chance to modify the list of software ti get installed.
so i got a lot of software which i do not need (or want) at all.
to understand right, the software package at all is really great. i guess for at least 90% of the users there is for every need the appropriate software already in place straight after OS installation.

my father plays with his camera and photos… he can do this directly after first boot.
my mother needs email, office and internet… she can do this straight away
wilfe uses chat and internet… all inclusive
children want to play, some click games and steam already there

used it on 5 different computers (PC and Mac) all the hardware works out of the box.
so i can say without lying a bit, that it is till now the best distro i tried ever. thumbs up.
easy to use as windows, nice looking as mac-os and configurable as linux.
from users point of view i would say, there is not much you can do better in future.

the build system from open suse would be a nice to have, but only if it can be done without getting the worser parts of the distro. i would more like to get a version with a real rolling release. even if i usually reinstall a system more often then the lifetime of a debian release, there would not be the need of a reinstall to keep all the software fully up to date.

but even if everything stays at it is, i will use netrunner in future. one system on a bunch of computers keeps it simpler to administer and even for the persons using it it is better using a similar system. one person figuring oout “new features” will pass the information over to the others, and there is no problem that this or that only works on one computer.

on distrowatch (afaik) as cons they pointed to the multiple ways to install packages and the speed of the OS.
both are from users point of view uninteresting.
if there are 4 ways of installing software, it does not mean you have to install on 4 different ways. take the way you like.
and speed? in daily business every computer is at least 80-90% of the time in idle mode. so there is no need to say that he can handle the work a percent faster than he does.

i can say, no more windows installed, no more Mac-OS installed, and not even a VM or Wine in use. Just 99% satisfied.
give me the both options i mentioned it will get up to 99.9-100%, but even without my experience feels better than with any other choice.

Well I am happy too with netrunner and the admins and users helping in much as an instant way :slight_smile: it is way stable and not a headache for a new user comming from Windows

I surely don’t understand why switching the system out of nowhere, but right at the moment sooo much is hapening in the Ubuntu/Kubuntu-world (changing this, consolidating that…), that it seem to me, Netrunner would loose considerably progress, if we don’t stick with them for little longer. I appreciate KDE to hug with Canonial and Ubuntu as long as the “restricted Peace” between them holds up, so that KDE can run along while Ubuntu tries to unite Desktop and portable devices in one system. As much as I don’t want Ubuntu seeing to fail on that (because M$ already pushes hard tha way), I don’t want to see KDE falling behind - Netrunner would gain more from it, than possible loose (I hope). The Linux comunity is already too diverted - it’s better for this short period than dividing further in this possibly crittical moment.

Microsoft is changing paradigms drasticaly at the time, and they’re realised that nobody will pay for their crapware anymore without force … At the time, i don’t think it’s good to make such a system switch - those who flehing from M$ to Linux are many at the time. And mostly they’re coming with unearned trust [“vorschußloorbeeren”] - we shouldn’t disturb them too much… they will never come back again.

Heads up,