Why there's no reboot message after a major system upgrade?

So the Muon Updater gave me a pop-up message that there are packages to upgrade. There was a new kernel available. So I did the upgrade and I expected I will need to reboot the computer, but after finishing I have not been given a call to reboot. And as it was kernel upgrade, so I should do it (same Kubuntu system call for a reboot after the same upgrade).

Is Netrunner so advanced that it needs no reboot between major upgrades, or it’s just a bug? :wink:

PS: Obviously, I did reboot the computer.

You did the right thing, reboots are generally required for kernel updates. However the 4.0 kernel has added live kernel patching support, I’m not sure if Ubuntu and it’s derivatives are going to support using this feature or not at this point.

Well… but the question is why Netrunner 14.1 LTS doesn’t ask for reboot, whereas Kubuntu 14.04 LTS does?

I’m not sure exactly, It might be a Muon updater bug, or just a permissions issue. I run Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) on my systems, I only keep a persistent live usb of NR14 LTS with the needed tools installed to use as a rescue and diagnostics tool.

I think it probably is a Muon updater bug as I just updated Ubuntu (Unity) 14.04 and it gave a kernel update(patch) with a message to reboot( using the GUI updater ). I saw the same kernel update(patch) with no reboot message when I updated Netrunner 14 but I rebooted anyway. I learned the hard way that whenever I see any kind of update involving the kernel, it is safest to reboot afterwards.

The question now is should a bug be filed against Muon updater?