Wifi + Kernel

Thanks for bringing the new update out. For me however, I am still having a problem connecting to wireless. Three different dongles, three different chips. They are recognized, but go through the continual aquiring network, before dropping out. I think in my case, it is the kernel shipped. I was having difficulties with this kernel series in manjaro as well in the past. Is there an easy guide somewhere that I can follow to swap kernels. Something specific to this distro perhaps?

You could try an unofficial kernel and see if it works (ignore any errors during setup):

Command line:

wget http://www.exton.se/LINUX/ubuntu-kernel-64bit-4.9.0-11-exton.zip unzip ubuntu-kernel-64bit-4.9.0-11-exton.zip cd ubuntu-kernel-64bit-4.9.0-11-exton/ sudo dpkg -i linux-header* linux-image*

See here: http://www.exton.se/?p=1135