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Wifi Not Connecting


Hello good people at Netrunner. I have just recently look at Distrowatch and noticed that your 17.10 Debian Stretch based model is available. I would like to install it but the wireless will not connect to my network. I do use a wireless dongle on my Dell OptiPlex 980 tower (i5 1st generation Intel quad core) that connects to all GNU/Linux distros I have installed or ran a Live DVD with. Can you halp with this or is it something that is Debian related. I do not have access to ethernet. Can you help me with this. I would like to install Voyager and give it a try. Thank you :smiley:


If you don’t have ethernet available it is hard to fix.
Can you give us more details on the wifi dongle you use. Chipname and so on.


Just got home from work. The dongle is a Panda Wireless PAU06 300Mpbs N USB Adapter. I’ve used it on Linux Mint, Manjaro, Antergos, Ubuntu distros, Sabayon, MX16, Antix16, Devuan, Sparky Linux, Puppy Linux, Peppermint, earlier releases of Netrunner, Netrunner Rolling, Qubes OS, Black Lab Linux, Q4OS, ChaletOS, Ghost BSD, RevengeOS, KDE Neon, Linux Lite, PCLinuxOS, and more. Sorry got carried away. =-). It’s not even a year old yet and works great with my current install of Antergos Plasma. I’m just wanting to get away from Arch distros and run a KDE Debian based distro. Netrunner seams like it would be a logical choice. I have ran Netrunner in the past and you may assume. Thanks =-)


I may be able to move my system temporarily. What then can I do to get it going. Thanks =-)


Make sure to have firmware-ralink package installed aswell as firmware-misc-nonfree (the first should pull the second package automatically)

This package ships the firmware for your Panda Wireless PAU06 so it should work with it.