Wifi Speed

I am trying to find out how to increase my wifi download speed. I have two OS’s on my computer. The other one has my download speen at between 38 and 50 mB persecond. I connot get Netrunner above 14. Any ideas of why this is happening and how I can fix it?
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Are you sure these are the correct values and both systems don’t use other methods to show download speed (like Mbit/s and MB/s or MiB/s)

Also which wifi chip is this?

I am using the network speed test provided by my ISP Time Warner Cable. I have a Broadcom Limited
BCM4313 802.11 bgn Wireless Network Adapter. Thank you for your reply.

Broadcom is sadly a very problematic chipset especially that one.

Is this package installed ? broadcom-sta-dkms
Maybe installing it and blacklisting the other module (you can use lsmod command in the terminal to see a list of modules/drivers loaded, brcmsmac or b43 might need blacklisting)

Here are some hints that you can try out. Even though it states ubuntu they are still valid:

Thank you. I will look at your suggestions and try them out.