Hello there, and thank you for the new release. I am having difficulty with my wifi dongle not being recognized.

D-Link System WUA-2340 RangeBooster G Adapter(rev.A) [Atheros AR5523]

Worked in all previous releases and other distros as well. Would appreciate it if I could get some advice on how to proceed.
Just been running the live cd so far, not committed to disc yet.

Thank you.

You will need the firmware-atheros package which is not distributed by default in Debian based distributions:

Yes, thank you for the new release. I am also having trouble with wifi, on a Dell laptop that has been running the previous version of Netrunner for at least two weeks. This version (in live mode) doesn’t even see the wifi adapter. There is no way to proceed.

Any help would be appreciated.


When you write the previous version of Netrunner, do you mean one of the more recent Debian based versions, or do you mean one of the older Ubuntu based versions that is now Maui?
What Dell laptop and/or wireless chip do you have?
If it’s a missing firmware issue, then you’ll need to download the correct one onto a stick and install it manually, or use a wired connection.

16.09. Is that not also Debian-based? I’ve installed various Debian distros before, and never had a problem like this. The wireless is just a plain old Intel Centrino N2230.



Yep, you’ll need to install the firmware-iwlwifi package.

[quote]Intel Wireless 2230 firmware, version

Okay, just curious, why did you include these in 16.09 and not in the 17?


With the switch to the Stretch Snapshot, one needs to manually add back non-free drivers… we were not aware of that during our testing, but will release an updated ISO asap which should hopefully fixing all WIFI issues again normally.

Thanks for the update. I’m going to wait for the next snapshot. Got a number of computers with different wifi chips, not good locations for wired connections etc, and so far 4 of them need firmware added. Looks like a great release though.

This slipped last minute with some nonfree firmware-drivers missing. Expect an updated ISO within the next 24-48hours.

Thanks, looks like another great release.

17.01.1 released, including various non-free wifi drivers from stretch/testing default.
Please report back if any nonfree wifi is now detected and working.