Will there be a easy way to go form 1306 to next release?

This part is one of the things that I have to ask now being back on netrunner.
Considering Ubuntu 13.04 only has 9 months of support will there be any stoppage to automatically going to the next update?
Also once Ubuntu hits 14.04 I think there should be a permanent LTS release like Ubuntu main does that is always linked, its a bit harder to find the older netrunner dryland 4.2 and due to the shorter lifespan of the interim releases I think netrunner needs to consider switching over to another basis like Debian in the future.
Maybe not now but I think by 2015 Netrunner if its still around has to consider adapting to debian as a base as opposed to Ubuntu.
I already suggested that maybe the netrunner team can look at the work over at SolydXK, as its based on debian testing and has its own set of repos outside of debian.
It does need maintainers and developers over there, maybe in the future the two can become one who nows stranger things have happened.