WiMax in Netrunner (or any LinuxDistro)

Hello, I have an Intel Centrino - N 6250 wireless card that allows me to connect via WiMax…unfortunately, I have no idea how to get the WiMax to work in Netrunner, or any other Linux distro for that matter. I went to Intel’s site and downloaded the driver, but that did not do anything. Has anyone been able to use WiMax on a Linux distribution? How do I get this to work? (The WiFi works fine, when I have a signal)

I know that wimax devices like yours should be supported by the linux kernel since 2.6.29.
But as I personally don’t own a wimax device I don’t know how the usersoftware stack looks like. The only thing I found was this https://launchpad.net/~mdminhazulhaque/+archive/beceem-cscm which appearantly ships a graphical tool for configuring wimax.

shoot, I went there and followed the directions, but I’m still getting nothing…