Window Switcher installation is broken...

I’m encountering an annoyance with the window switcher settings (Workspace Behaviour > Task Switcher). When I change to a different switcher visualization and click “Apply” everything seems fine. But then I hit Alt-Tab to activate it and I get this notification:

“The Window Switcher installation is broken, resources are missing.
Contact your distribution about this.”

Further, the visualization doesn’t kick in; instead it appears that all windows are presented as partially transparent atop one another. (Note that switching between windows is not impacted by the visualization.)

Is it a matter of needing to install an additional package? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance for any insight, advice or pointers.

I just checked on three different machines and I’m not haven this issue or getting an error message. However, on one machine cover and flip switch are not working, but this is due to it having an older Nvidia GPU that can not use opengl in the compositor settings with either the nouveau or nvidia drivers without locking up the machine. I also had to use Option “ShadowFB” “on” in the nouveau.conf file just to have a stable system using the nouveau drivers. I have this machine set to use xrender instead.

I’m using the nVidia proprietary drivers. Ordinarily these have worked out well for me. Has anyone else had problems with nvidia drivers?

What do you have the Plasma compositor set to, this makes a big difference?

Smooth Scale method; OpenGL 2.0 rendering backend; GLX OpenGL interface.

BTW, is one proprietary driver preferred over another? I’ve got “video-nvidia” installed; should I switch to video-nvidia-340xx?

No, these drivers are provided for and according to compatibility reasons:
video-nvidia is the latest driver that support GeForce 400 series cards and newer.
video-nvidia-340xx only supports GeForce 8000/9000, ION and 100-300 series cards.
video-nvidia-304xx only supports GeForce 6000/7000 series cards.
GeForce 5 FX series cards and older are not supported by Nvidia.

I’ve poked around a bit more – it looks like some (not all) of the available window switchers exhibit problems, like Maia and Menda. I’d like to fix this but it’s a tolerable problem. What packages are associated with the window switchers?