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Window Title Bar Title absent or flashing


I only changed it once, and the issue hasn’t returned so far. :crossed_fingers:
I wish I could replicate you specific problem, if it returns I’ll investigate deeper.


Well, things might change but my initial experience is that the window titles have straightened themselves out after this last large update.
The initial window placement is still split between both monitors and at a random size, though I don’t know if that’s the case for every application. Clementine seemed to work properly, but then it starts minimized in the tray and when it’s opened from there behaves properly. Firefox and Dolphin are split screen and random sized.


Well, after boot-up today I can say that the title bar flash is back. It had seemed to disappear even through reboots but as I type this in Firefox it’s flashing away.
Okay. Real-time breaking news here. As I was composing this message I thought I’d take a screenshot to illustrate what’s happening because it’s only a portion of the title that’s affected. When I opened Spectacle to do this the problem disappeared as soon as I clicked on ‘Take a New Screenshot’ and it stayed gone after closing Spectacle. So I just tried opening Dolphin and it had the problem (while Firefox was still fine) and I tried to screenshot it but the same thing happened; it cleared up as soon as I clicked ‘Take a New Screenshot’ (Spectacle is set to take a shot of the window under cursor, on click, so I never did take a screenshot I only clicked the button in Spectacle).
Opening a New Instance of Dolphin gives a window with the issue present even while the existing instance of Dolphin is not showing the problem.
These symptoms seem to fit with the pattern of the problem disappearing after switching OpenGL versions. The version of OpenGL doesn’t matter, it’s the reloading of it that seems to clear the issue. Something similar, but not exactly the same, must happen when I click the button in Spectacle to take a new screenshot; the problem disappears in the window on the screen and I’ve just checked but it doesn’t clear the problem on windows on other desktops. So there’s a clue at least; reloading OpenGL clears the problem for all current and future windows in that boot session but the button in Spectacle clears it only for windows present on the current Spectacle desktop. If I had an understanding of how Spectacle worked I might be able to help debug this more but unfortunately I don’t so all I can do is try to give comprehensive reports.
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out with this.