Windows 10 Hyper V and Netrunner 19.01 – Blackbird


I am completely new to Hyper V and NetRunner. I have Hyper V running and I downloaded Debian-based Netrunner Desktop 19.01 64-bit ISO.

In Hyper V I click new virtual machine
I selected Generation 1
Set startup memory to 2048 and left Use dynamic mem checked
Set networking to Default Switch
Selected the ISO
Click Finished

Virtual machine is created.
I start it and select: Start Netrunner Desktop Live (amd64)

I see message: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr

After a short bit, I end up at live@live-pc:~$ prompt

Thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly?


So it seems to boot correctly but is not able to start the graphical user interface.
You could on this prompt check with your favorite text editor why Xorg is not starting by taking a look into the file
Look for lines arround the (E) symbol which indicates error. Or paste the whole file somewhere if possible.

Thank you for the reply! I am looking and do not see that file at all…


Interesting. Can you look at the status of sddm by executing

systemctl status sddm

And if it is not running try starting it with

systemctl start sddm

This should then give you also a Xorg.0.log if it does not work.

Ran the status command and got this


So it is running. Can you check if the Xorg process is running.

ps aux | grep Xorg

Thank you for your time and for stepping me trough the troubleshooting! Here is the result:


So that is strange. SDDM cannot run without Xorg but latter is clearly not running for you.
Can you try stopping sddm

systemctl stop sddm

and start it again

systemctl start sddm

If that does not start the graphical user interface it should at least give you a /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

Doesn’t look like it made a difference…


Can you also check if maybe it is hiding in the home directory. (root-less Xorg logs to ~/.local/share/xorg/ )

Hmm, not sure if looking in the right place, but here is a screen shot:

I am very new to all this so really not sure what I am doing yet. I did find the “Find” command and ran this command:

sudo find -name “Xorg.0.log”

There were no results.


Just for fun I just downloaded Rolling 2018.08 and it seems to have installed and fired up just fine…