Windows 8 and Linux on one SSD/Disk wiht UEFI

New Installation of Linux (Netrunner 17 did not work, used Kubuntu 15.10) and Windows 8 on one SSD Harddisk.

New SSD Harddisk wiht 240GB size.

X1) Backup all you data
X2) BIOS disable fast boot or other protection -> maybe reset before to default (old UEFI entries get deleted)

  1. Start with Windows 8 Installation CD/DVD and go to repair option
  2. Go to Advanced and command line option
  3. in the commandline add the following partition schema (adapt to your needs) - Important verify you use the correct Harddrive - you can damage your data (maybe disconnect all Harddisks that contain your data before) !!
  4. in the commandprompt enter - adapt to you partition layout
    “list disk”, “list vol”, “list part”

select your disk for the installtion - do not select datapartition !!!

“sel disk 0”
“convert GPT”
“create partition efi size=512”
“sel vol 1” #=>vol 0 was my DVD/CDROM
“GPT ATTRIBUTES=0x00…0” #“help gpt attributes” will should you examples - important use 0 at the end that you can write to the efi partition with LINUX
"create partition primary size=128 id=e3c9… #“help create partition primary” - show you the id for Windows reserved
"create partition primary size=110000 id=ebd0a… # see also help command and use for base datadrive for your windows with 110GB (basis datenträger)
"create partition primary size=115000 id=ebd0a… # see also help command and use for base datadrive for you linux - or leave size parameter to fill up to max

  • Close your Windows installation and reboot.
  • Install Windows 8 from DVD/CD (important do not change partition later - will not work) - maybe contact MS before planning that you do an fresh install (your serial could get locked and verify that you have an full installation media.
    ** Select the above windows partition created before
    ** When Windows is installed disable fastboot (you could find this on energy settings - action on power off button - click an the text above that you could change the settings in this window
    ** Verify UEFI and protection is diabled “Windows Key + R” enter msinfo32.exe
    ** Reboot to BIOS and add LINUX Installation Media
  • Select Boot DVD/CD Linux (I have used Kubuntu - maybe it will run with netrunner …)
  • On the partition part -> select custom partitioning and delete the before create LINUX Partition, add for example 100GB for / and a new partition with 4GB of swap - important: select /dev/sda1 (should be the 512MB big efi partition from above to install bootloader
  • Install Linux and finish - remove installation DVD when you get asked
  • Try that you could boot both OS

Important part is that you use the correct GPT ATTRIBUTE for you efi partition (see the 0 at the end) and install windows before :slight_smile:

Example Partition Layout (unconnect other disks) for SSD only.
512MB EFI/SYSTEM partition => 128MB Microsoft/Windows reserved => xxxGB for your Windows installation => xxxGB for your Linux installation (maybe could be created later ?)

Maybe search google for: fixing a corrupted UEFI Partition in Windows 8 or 8.1 (

ng, Joe