Windows 8 dual boot GRUB mods


I just installed Netrunner on a 150GB partition on my Toshiba Satellite c875d. After figuring out the secure boot and UEFI garbage, I was able to boot and install Netrunner. However, unlike previous installs I’ve done (on older laptops) I was surprised that I get no boot menu, but instead my laptop boots directly to netrunner.

What do I have to do to get Windows 8 to boot? or to see a boot menu with options?


I use easyBCD. If you partitioned your hdd before the install with win8 it is a snap to use. The site has a clear tutorial on it’s use as well. I had Win7 pre-installed and used it. When booting into Netrunner the GRUB also shows the option to boot into Windows 7(at the bottom),and at my “normal boot screen” Windows 7 is the top/default option. I installed GRUB to the partition that Netrunner was installed on so as to not corrupt the master boot record of Windows. Then I used easyBCD to add the partition that GRUB was installed on to boot it. Using this method I can overwrite Netrunner with another distro/os and my Windows mbr stays intact as long as I remember to install GRUB on the partition that I am installing new os on.

youTube easyBCD tutorial:

@blingenfelter: Can you bring up the boot menu with shift or escape pressing right after uefi ?

I seem to remember that the first I installed Kubuntu without any others distro, I saw no grub selections. There was only Win XP and Kubuntu and right now I have Win 7, 3 Linux Distro’s, PC-BSD.
Now I can’t remember how I fixed it, but you might look here:
I have a EUFI, but it’s disabled and I won’t move from win 7 to win 8 and the GPT, although my hardware is perfectly capable of doing so.
I know, you can no longer find Win 7 so your forced into buying Win 8 on a new PC.
I’m going to take good care of my 64 and 32 bit Wind 7 installation CD’s. As was mentioned easy easyBCD is supposed to help.