Windows-free, people!

As of two weeks ago… my last Windows desktop machine is now running Netrunner and Mint Cinnamon. I had an epiphany in which I realized I simply did not need Windows anymore. The last obstacle to removal, a corporate extranet I access daily that required Silverlight and IE9 or better, was finally brought into the modern world about a month ago.

So, I disabled secure boot (simply because I hate it), wiped the drive clean and dropped my two favorite distros into place. I’d long been syncing all documents to a NAS device using Google Drive, so I did need to download InSync’s excellent Drive client for Linux.

Total time to install both distros, apply all updates, install the Drive app and tweak system settings to my liking? About 90 minutes.

I had to admit to myself, it felt like I had overcome some sort of Stockholm syndrome.