Wine apps not showing on panel

Hey folks,

I have an odd issue with wine-ran applications. When I run them they don’t show up on the kicker panel at the bottom of the screen where all the other ‘running’ programs are - they do show up on alt-tab as normal, but not on kicker.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

You mean they are not showing up in the taskbar.
Can you also confirm this with another taskbar plugin besides icontasks ?
(you can right click and add another taskbar widget in the panel configuration)

I added another widget successfully if that’s what you wanted me to test. The binary clock for example worked just fine,and it ended up on the panel.

If you wanted me to try a different widget please let me know and I’ll give it a try instead.

No laszek want’s you to try a different task manager in the panel, there are three installed by default, Task Manager, Expanding Icons Task Manager (Netrunner default) or Icon-Only Task Manager.

I tried all three. None of them show wine-ran programs, although they’re still visible (and working fine) using alt-tab.

When I deleted the panel altogether and re-installed it as a ‘default panel’ it did show such programs… until I rebooted. Once I did, I was back at only seeing native Linux programs.

That is weird. I just tried on my Netrunner 14 install and wine applications are showing up just fine in my task managers. You might try setting up a new user and installing some wine apps there as well, just to see if this might be an localized issue within your home directory causing this.