wine menu not used

When I install Windows applications their launchers don’t appear in the wine menu. Instead the entries are created in the “Unknown” section of the KDE menu (I don’t know how it is in English, in German it is “nicht zuzuordnen” - not associated?).

I can manually sort all entries into the wine menu with the menu editor but it would be better if the entries would automatically go into the wine menu. How do I bribe wine/Netrunner/Plasma5 to do so?

The starters are created by wine as it is converting the .lnk files to it. Though why it does not put it into the wine directory is kind of strange.

edit: What you could try is to see if the custom menu layout is the culprit. Just save the file ~/.config/menus/ somewhere as a backup, remove that original file and relogin to see if something changed.