Wine, Word and Zotero

Just a word of encouragment for anybody thinking of trying to use zotero with word under wine. It is doable.

Though a solid user of libreoffice, I’m currently working on some large word documents collaboratively with others. With the new 12.12.1 install of netrunner, I wished to run word (2007) under wine rather than in virtualbox. And I wanted zotero for referencing as I have a rather large library with firefox under linux.

I installed word with winetricks, then added “zotero standalone” to the same wineprefix with: $ WINETRICKS=“full path to word2007 prefix” wine “zotero standalone installer.exe”.
This may not be necessary given the fix below.
I switched to use the zotero database that I use with firefox in linux.
Zotero stand alone started and acessed my current library but the zotero add-ins were missing in word. The file from teh prefix /drive_c/Program Files/Zotero Standalone/extensions/ needs to be placed in the STARTUP folder of Word. The zotero icons then appeared in word but the basic code could not find zotero. Enter -
The solution here to use the amended file and edit the VBasic code under Word’s Developer menu to point to the zotero standalone exe rather than firefox works.

This solution may get a thorough workout next week but the test file worked just like it should.