wireless printer OMG! Netrunner is THE distro

It may seem to be speaking overblown and I know that there are probably quite a few other distros that do it…but…

It is my personal opinion that net runner could be THE distro that one can “just hand it to somebody on a DVD”…

Especilly adding in that it does bluetooth with no setup, does dvds, .pls, etc etc… just…everything!

GIVEN…that you have verified that the computer is not too far off the wall, and that the printer is not too far off the wall, but…NEWER…

As EASY as “we Linux” people think that working through a menu system in “printers” is,…

I have donated well into a hundred and fifty systems…

to the NEW user…it is not…they are used to popping in a driver cd and going to get coffee.

When I went to install my HP Officejet 6600 multi-function…which I NORMALLY have hooked up with a usb cable…

But I have set it up wirelessly. just to test…but had to use the HP CD!!

THERE IT WAS sitting there…both the “printer” and “FAX”… WIRELESS!! … all I did was click it, and the driver popped, and it was done.

Now, yess…I’m sure that there are other distros…!

BUT…BRAVO!!! :slight_smile:


I can’t tell from your post which edition of Netrunner you are running, the situation you described of auto detecting and installing the correct driver sounds more like Ubuntu than Manjaro. You do know that this is posted in the Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro/Arch) part of the forum?

I think this would be better feedback if it was posted under the General Talk part of the forum: http://forums.netrunner-os.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=10

OOPS!! you are completely correct!

I am running Frontier. :slight_smile:

If a mod could move it that would be great with me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out the old woodsmoker’s error! :slight_smile: