Wireless problem 13.06

Hello! I installed Netrunner 13.06 on my older Toshiba Satellite L36-S2161. Installation went well and I am IMPRESSED. I do have just one problem. Setup did not recognize my wireless and I have not yet figured out how to install it. Toshiba drivers come in *.exe packages and I need the driver in *.inf . Has anyone encountered this problem and is able to help me with some advice?

Tahlequah, OK[/size][/font]

13.06 or 13.12 ?


Well, I fixed it. Just ran the live/install cd again. I noticed that when I booted from the cd, that it recognized the wireless. So, I ran install and presto! Problem solved!

So are you saying that when you did a full install it was not recognized but when you ran it live it did recognize it.
Did you then reinstall it again and it worked?