xscreensaver message: too old?

Since today I get a message from xscreensaver after login that it is quite old… But there is no newer version?
I have xscreensaver in autostart (xscreensaver -no-splash) because Plasma doesn’t provide screensavers anymore.

If there is no newer version - how can I get rid of the message without removing xscreensaver from autostart?

You can’t disable this warning without forking XScreensaver I guess. The author of XScreensaver built it in to avoid bug reports being reported against old versions.

[s]On a second system I have the same version and it does not show this message…?

[/s]Got it there too… So it seems there is a newer xscreensaver version but Netrunner/ubuntu does not provide it?

I am not sure what the code does here. Maybe it has a timer in it which shows this message after a specific time has passed or it was started for an amount of times

Seems “legit” as it appeared first on the system I installed first…

According to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xscreensaver/+bug/1406825 one shall install the Debian version…

You can try that though I would be careful in general installing apps from other sources.

I don’t like that either but it seems to work. Better would be the distributor would offer a newer package as indirectly proposed in the xscreensaver message (“If this is the latest version that your distro ships, then your distro is doing you a disservice.”). Maybe version 5.34 could be offered by netrunner in packages.netrunner.com as a fix?

Version 5.34 without the Easter egg of “old version” was uploaded to the repo and is now available.

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Will this also work on a system still on Netrunner 16? I can update the system to 17 in May but I (resp. the person that’s using the machine) would like to get rid of the message as soon as possible.

It was build for Netrunner 17. In general I would try out if it doesn’t conflict and installs fine. If it does it should normally work.

But it is not available via apt, is it? I have to send the user instructions to download the packages manually and install with dpkg I guess?

It should be available now from the Netrunner 16 Extras PPA (which comes enabled by default)