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Yakuake seems to be broken now

Yakuake seems to be broken after the latest updates. When I open the window it’s completely blank. Doing a right-click and selecting “Edit Current Profile”, then trying to change the appearance gives the following error window, which leads me to believe that it has stopped using my personal profile and is trying to save to the system default.

" Konsole does not have permission to save this profile to:

To be able to save settings you can either change the permissions of the profile configuration file or change the profile name to save the settings to a new profile."


Hi CranKey,

can you supply a screenshot of yakuake being blank?
I can’t reproduce that issue on my end.

The error your getting with the configuration file in normal, you would need to save any changes you wish to make under a new user profile.

Here’s the screenshot of Yakuake. It appears to have thin blue lines on either side that look like they should show the position whilst scrolling, but the mouse wheel does nothing.
Do you suppose it could be related to changing themes? After the recent update that appeared to be mainly configuration files I changed the both the ‘Look And Feel’ and ‘Desktop Theme’ to Oxygen.

I saw it once after changing the theme. Please try restarting it and see if it helps.

The oxygen theme huh?
Hmm, that would need investigating.
Have you checked your compositor settings as well?
Could also be graphics card (chipset) related.
On one of my laptops (AMD) that I use for testing, I was getting all kinds of graphics glitches when the compositor was set to opengl 2.0 and not 3.1. However, that has since remedied itself over time (driver related).

Well, I didn’t get around to switching themes today because there were a few updates available and I installed those and then rebooted. Now Yakuake seems to display properly so that problem is solved.
There’s one other thing that I noticed though but it doesn’t affect workability at all. At the login screen there’s a circle that contains an outline of a human figure (sort of). Since yesterday’s update, and even after today’s update, that circle is there but the outline is almost absent. By this I mean that if I look really, really closely I’m pretty sure that I can see a ghost of the outline, but only just barely. Perhaps the character in the circle has died and only the ghost remains?
As I said, this doesn’t affect workability at all. I’m only mentioning it as it might be a clue to tracking down a bug. Perhaps it’s a driver issue? My other machine also runs Netrunner Rolling and I generally update both at about the same time. The other machine currently has yesterday’s updates and it never had a problem with Yakuake and it also displays the outline figure on the login screen normally. Both machines run older Radeon cards, though the card in the machine with the problems is slightly less old.
While writing this I opened the system info program and found out that the machine with problems isn’t running OpenGL and the unaffected machine is running OpenGL. I’m not sure how this came about but I’ll have a look at it in more detail later today as I’ve got other commitments at present.
Thanks for all the help. I’ll try to update this later today.