Your forum... grrrr

I’ve created here an account with my main address in 2014 (Fenyx), it is blocked as spammer (thanks Akismet’s usual false positives). But it also means nobody here unblocked me in your Akismet filter rules.

My posts are blocked as spam on your forum, and it tells me to contact administrator. When I come to Private Messages it says disabled by admin. So how should I contact an admin or mod here?

How should I see my today’s post unblocked? How could I finally find some help on Netrunner?

No way to contact Akismet for false positives, no way to contact Netrunner team… What should I do now to use your forum normally? Is it even possible?

I don’t want to post as Fenyx2 with this email address I never use anymore. I want to post with my main account named “Fenyx”.

Don’t you have at least an IRC channel or any live chat?

I’ve received a notification of answer from AJSlye, but nothing here. One more weird thing. But thanks anyway for taking the time to answer me.

I apologize for my reply being deleted. I don’t know why your account was flagged for spamming, however it seems that the issue has been rectified.

Not sure, I’ve just created another account from another email address. This is the working account (Fenyx2). Thanks anyway.

No help on my technical problem in this forum too. The low activity here speaks a lot about Netrunner project. So maybe my wonderful KDE experience since years is ending. I’m using KDE since I’ve discovered Linux a few years ago, I’m so disappointed you can’t imagine. But that’s ok life goes on, surely elsewhere.

Not your fault at all AJSlye, don’t apologies for things you’re not responsible :slight_smile: