Blank screen on boot

I’ve been using Netrunner 14. on that laptop for a couple of weeks with no problems but today, I couldn’t get Gwenview to load (just showed the name and the spinning icon for a minute, then nothing) and I had noticed last night that programs were slower than usual to load so I rebooted. When I reboot, I get the little Netrunner logo and dots, the scrolling text for a little bit, I see the cursor for a second and then the screen goes blank. The screen isn’t black, it is lit but blank. Booting into a previous kernel gives same results.

Seems to me like the plasma desktop can not be loaded. You have auto login enabled ? If not and you have a login manager can you choose a different session or failsafe ?
Did you do any upgrade lately right before the problem appeared ?
Can you check the filesystem from a live system and see if it finds errors or can correct them.

Auto login is enabled so I don’t get a login screen. I didn’t upgrade anything today. I think there were a few upgrades a couple days ago but don’t remember what. I had a similar problem once with Solydk after a Plymouth update but I haven’t noticed any Plymouth updates with Netrunner lately. I have a live cd I can use to get in but I’m not sure how to check the file system for errors with it.

For checking the filesystem you can use the kde-partitionmanager which is preinstalled under the system menu on Netrunner.

Thanks. I did that and it didn’t show any problems.

Then it’s strange. Might be something broken in your setup or config.
When you get the black screen can you at least call krunner with the key combination alt+f2? If yes if you type in logout it should let you logout and you should be getting the login manager were you can choose a failsafe session or any other desktop environments that you have installed.

PS: if you have desktop effects enabled maybe disabling them temporary with ALT+Shift+F12 will help.

alt+f2 shows login:
I can enter my username and password and log in. It says Welcome to Netrunner, blah blah but no gui. Typing logout puts me right back to the login prompt with no gui, so no other login options. I don’t have any other desktops installed.

Ok that’s bad. So not even Xorg is starting.
Can you try the failsafe mode in the boot menu and see if it works for you.

Failsafe mode? I have Recovery Mode and that gives me resume, clean, dpkg, fsck, grub, network, root, and system summary. Resume gives the same results that I get with a normal boot. Should I try dpkg?

So there seems no Xorg repair or failsafe mode anymore.
(it was there before)

What graphicscard do you have? Have you properitary drivers installed?

It’s got integrated Intel graphics and was using whatever default drivers were assigned on install, so I assume not proprietary. I haven’t had any issues with the graphics so haven’t had any reason to check.

Ah ok Intel card uses the opensource driver provided by intel/the kernel.
Can you login on the alt+f2 console or use the live system to post the /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the installed system.
This contains all information and hopefully also a reason why Xorg isn’t starting anymore for you.

OK, I attached it. THanks for looking.

Sadly that logfile only shows that Xorg was shutdown successfully. So it must get this command from the login manager lightdm as even when the desktop (plasma-desktop) would crash it should just go back to the login manager lightdm.
So please attach the logs from /var/log/lightdm. Hopefully that shows what is going wrong.

OK, here’s that one.

Is this the only file ? Isn’t there an x-0-greeter.log there aswell ?
As it seems it failed to start the kde-greeter and this one has its own log in /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log

x-0-greeter.log says:

and that’s all.

KDE hasn’t used nepomuk for a while now, It looks like something didn’t get updated or removed.

Make sure all of the nepomuk packages are removed and replaced with their baloo equivalents, you may also wan’t to be sure that KDE SC 4 and lightdm were updated properly.

I’m not sure how to do all that through the konsole. I can figure out how to remove the nepomuk stuff but I don’t know how to replace it with the baloo equivalents.

Oh thats the reason then. Do you have an internet connection in the console (alt+f2) after the login ?
(You can test it with pinging google with ping for example).
If yes then you need to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and hopefully this will update all to the latest working state.

Aj is right libnepomuk4 package was last seen in Ubuntu with KDE SC 4.13. It is not necessary for 4.14.x anymore.
I also don’t see a dependency from lightdm-kde-greeter to it.
So updating the packages should make everything work again.