Can't create Swap[Solved]

While installing 64x tried for making swap drive it doesn’t create it and pressing ok and ok nothing happens if closed next time the box becomes small and cant go futher to create anything :frowning:

This might be a problem with the installer. Could you manually create the swap with gparted or another partition manager before starting the installer ?
The main question is why do you want to create a swap partition ?

The x64 version comes already with zram swap which should give you the half of your ram as swap.

I’ve always used the auto install mode which makes a swap partition, never tried to use the installer to manually partition the drive, you may have found a bug, check here and if it’s not a known issue let them know about your bug:

@ lezsek
yea, i noticed this with both releases, the installer creates and activates a swap partition based on the amount of ram automatically, then on the installed system zram also adds to the swap half the ram size (which btw is useless for hibernate). So in other words, say a system has 4 gigs of physical ram, the installed system would have something like 5.5 gig of total swap space (3.5 gig swap drive and 2 gig zram), seems to me the physical swap space would be enough, I’m just wondering why the zram?

well I had the same problem so I created swap using the Arch wiki guide and mounted the partition by editing /etc/fstab.

So you have your issue fixed then?

I did. But it was another who asked:P

Yes, I know, I never said to mark this solved, I was just showing some interest, that’s all. :slight_smile:

Well cant use gparted as i am using nongui version and second i wanted to create swap for running more of application
well the problem is solved I made it the command way after researching :wink:

Swap is not intended for this.

well I do not know gparted came in command line way sorry

The more of application that consider using swap drive

This is something I’ve been pondering over for a while because I have 4Gb RAM and, as I have 2Gb zram, is there any need for a swap partition at all?

Currently, I have a 4Gb swap partition and 2Gb zram which gives me 6Gb swap space but that seems a bit overkill to me.

I just remove zram as it is only good for running low on ram and does nothing for suspend or hibernate anyway.

Zram helps for suspend when you are running out of memory though. Just like normal SWAP would.
I would always prefer Zram over normal swap as it is faster.

Call me old school, but I just don’t like the Idea of using compressed ram for swapping out uncompressed ram. I have plenty of HD swap space set up and with 32 gig’s of ram I have so far never touched my swap space, except for suspend and hibernate that is.

Can you please tell me how to remove it.

You can just remove the zram package from octopi.
I highly recommend before removing it setting up a normal swap file or partition .

@ leszek he already posted this:

For suspend & resume to work properly all you need is a swap partition / file anywhere from half to double the size of your ram, depending on the amount of physical memory installed of course. The Manjaro Installer does this for you if you use the automatic partitioning options.

My fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys, I’m confused. I have 8Gb RAM and 2TB hard drive. Do I need a swap partition or zram, or will everything work better with one or not the other?

I would suggest you leave everything as is. There will be no benefit if you remove zram.
In general with that amount of RAM you don’t need to create a swap partition at all.