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Guest Install on Virtual Box


I’m trying to install Netrunner 19.01 as a guest in Virtualbox 6.0.14 on a Windows 7 host. The problem is only 32 bit is an available choice when selecting Linux -> Debian whilst creating the VM.

The message I get when trying to start the VM: “This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - Please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.”

As I am successfully running Windows 7 64-bit version, I must assume my CPU is 64-bit enabled. (though it is not a newer CPU, Processor - Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.40GHz, 3400 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

And, from Intel website for that processor:

Advanced Technologies Intel® Turbo Boost Technology ‡

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡

Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡

Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) ‡

Intel® 64 ‡

Instruction Set

Instruction Set Extensions
Intel® SSE2, Intel® SSE3, Intel® SSSE3

Idle States

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology

Intel® Demand Based Switching

Thermal Monitoring Technologies

Which makes this more curious because hardware virtualization kicked an error during creation of the VM also.

Any suggestions or workarounds for this? Is there a 32-bit version available?


Did you enable virtualization in the UEFI/Bios?
Have you also disabled HyperV in Windows?


NOTE: You might also want to download and install the VirtualBox Extension Pack from here:


Hardware Virtualization is not an available setting in my BIOS nor is Hyper-V available in Windows 7. I should have noted in my original post I am using Virtualbox version 6.0.14 as version 6.1 kicked a virtualization error for which there was no setting to turn off Hardware Virtualization - this setting is available in 6.0.14.

However, now I’m thinking I may need to go back another version or two. Hmm, … But, if 64-bit is not an available selection in the newest version of Virtualbox, can I reasonably expect it to be an option in an older version? And, according to the error message, the problem seems to be a validation problem whilst booting Netrunner.

It should be noted, I did have a problem running Netrunner Live USB on this system as well. (Can't boot to live USB) Which SEEMED to be an issue with a GPU and was never completely resolved. That error, however, did not reference any issues with the kernel being incompatible.


Is that processor an Intel® Pentium® D Processor 945?
If so, it does not support virtualization at all, without this virtual box will only do 32 bit on any guest OS, AFAIK.