So finally the cool named “Netrunner” becomes a “Maui”? Sounds like a Pokémon… :s Yes I know, Hawaii and so… But the name “Netrunner” is so damn cool… I’d rather like to say I’m using Netrunner than I’m using - Maui, Maunzi, Kitty what?.. But in the end the inner values matter… I hope it will be as great as Netrunner 17 was and I am sure you did a very good job once more.

Maui will be a semi-rolling Neon distribution. What about the people who don’t want faster release cycles but less updates as expected from LTS?

Is there more information other than the “Page not found”

And how to update? Or should one wait if there will be a further Netrunner (the more specialised part) version? Maybe less rolling?

Hi spacepenguin,

the page link above should work (it was timed on the server a bit lagging behind).

As for Maui Linux, it has the same DNA as Netrunner Desktop.
Also Netrunner will be continued, just in a more specialized form with special settings, features etc. that “normal” desktop users cant be bothered with. :slight_smile:

The updates are going to be go much smoother as opposed to a true rolling distro, its somewhat between the update frenzy each 6 months and Manjaro/Arch.
For the even more relaxed Desktop users, there will be another variant finally, but its a bit early to talk about (likely be there in time for Maui 2 two or three months from now.

2 or 3 months from now? Can I update from Netrunner 17 to maui 1 semi-rolling and then to the “more relaxed” version? Because for Netrunner 17/Kubuntu 15.10 there are no security updates anymore. Or can I update directly from Netrunner 17 to the “relaxed” version without the maui 1 step? I need some planning reliabilty…

Updating from Netrunner 17 to Maui is not recommend.
Switching from Maui to the soon to come version will be not possible. (it’s a different base)

I agree about the name. Netrunner is cool. Maui is just… a silly sounding word having nothing at all to do with computing. I came looking for an explanation of this why they are making change. Being KDE still, I hope we can at least change how it looks because that is seriously ugly. Why is the panel so HUGE?

You have of course the option to change KDE Plasma to your liking.
Everyone has another style and taste. Some might like it others not.

So you won’t provide any upgrade path? No script? I’d be forced to reinstall no matter which way I choose? :@
And the new “relaxed” version will not be based on Ubuntu? Maybe even not Debian at all? Than it is no alternative :@
Or do you mean I can not update from Netrunner 17 to Maui and not from Maui to the “relaxed” version BUT from Netrunner 17 to the “relaxed” version because it both is Kubuntu base and not Ubuntu?? :dodgy:

A new installation is no alternative at all - so I have to either upgrade to Kubuntu 16.04, to Maui or to whatever. I’d really would have appreciated if you - scusi - would have considered that case for your users before whirling everything. Sorry, but I feel betrayed…

The best thing about KDE. :heart: Is there a post somewhere explaining why this change was made? All I can find is the announcement saying this is what we’ve done but nothing explaining why. (sorry to interrupt your thread, spacepenguin)

The issue of not having sane upgrade paths even with ubuntu’s new bases every 6 months is one of the reason why we decided to switch to xenial LTS base only, so its a bit like with Netrunner 14 LTS really.
While KDE on Netrunner 14 LTS was itself an LTS release with KDE 4.14, this time stying on Kubuntu would have meant sub-optimal support through the next 2 years LTS. That’s why we changed to KDE neon as base, so the KDE parts are getting updated, while the base stays the robust for 2 years. Since each model has its plusses and drawbacks, we will see how this goes, but I suspect less issues than the 6-month base upgrades like 15,16,17 had.

Even Mint switched to a similar model 2 years ago, so it makes sense to give it a try (the alternatives to stay follow Kubuntu on their 6-month release cycle after part of the team split would have had different challenges too, so that was another reason to swicth to KDE neons LTS).
The other alternative would have been to discontinue the ubuntu base altogether, which doesn’t make much sense now that the neon team also works much closer with Debian upstream…(hint).

So much for now, let’s continue to embrace the future and be prepared for challenges on the way :slight_smile:

I understand the thoughts behind the decision. But I cannot understand that you obviously won’t provide an upgrade path from Netrunner 17 to Miau 1. That’s what really ditched my mood…

Upgrading will have to solve the gap from Kubuntu to Neon first, then wily->xenial, then would have to substitute everything netrunner -> Maui.
While the first and second might be feasable, the third seems not really possible nor advantagous.
As always, we will have to take a thouroughly look, then see whats realistically possible.

I’m still confused about how the future releases will work. I want to make sure I understand before committing to Maui. I get that Maui replaces the Netrunner LTS. What I’m confused by is what I should use if I want to keep everything cutting edge (i.e. non-LTS) ala Netrunner 17. Do I wait for the next release which won’t be LTS? Will that be a Netrunner release or a Maui release? I like being able to upgrade vs installing anew. That being the case, what release is my best option in terms of upgradability? I have my laptop setup a very specific way for work and installing fresh is something that would require a huge time investment on my part, so I want to make sure!

As of now both the download link and general website for are broken.

Distrowatch effect, we updgraded the server now and everything should be working again.

Neon as base should accomodate for that, requiring less reinstalls in the future and possible LTS to LTS upgrades. Like Mint, we skip the 6-month intermediate releases while backporting essential things to the stable LTS base.

After reading all this I am still a little confused. Won’t bother you about the name :wink:
I know in a way you answered some already - but as i said - i am confused and as I planned to install the new LTS I want to be sure. So migration should be the way.

So - as I am using Netrunner 14 LTS (and before that Kubuntu LTS) please correct me:

  1. Netrunner LTS is no more - no more Kubuntu based releases

  2. Netrunner LTS is now based on neon but and called Maui.
    Question about 2: how long is the Maui (LTS) support period?
    2b: I understand why updating from Netrunner LTS to Maui is difficult/not possible. How about Maui Aurora to the next Maui? Will this be possible by update.

  3. Netrunner Desktop (all non LTS releases): from the hompage “[color=#666666]Netrunner as a distro will [/color][color=#666666]not [/color][color=#666666]disappear, but continue in a much more specialized form and shape.” [color=#333333]In here starbuck writes : lso Netrunner will be continued, just in a more specialized form with special settings, features etc. that “normal” desktop users cant be bothered with.[/color][/color]
    Question about 3: could you elaborate on that: is an LTS planned? Or what will be the release strategy on that? Whats the direction planned? Any rough indication on that? (gamers, programmers)? I am asking for one reason: As an LTS User I’d like to know your plans with “my sort of people”. Stay with Netrunner special? Migrate to maui
    Question 3b: Netrunner Special will be Maui+? Means - Neon based/Ubuntu 16.04 - like Maui Aurora - but with additional stuff?

  4. What about Maui Community? Yes - you created a confusing new named webpage (i first landed on mauiproject where newest news entries are from 2014) with an new empty forum - will It merge with this site?

5. Any tips for migration - as I don’t to do that that often I tend to miss something (my first time it was the browser profile = bookmarks) - so maybe this could be a discussion I will be starting the next days so everyone in that boat can join and make migration from Kubuntu based Netrunner LTS to Maui LTS easier.
If update is not possible - we should open a topic on that to avoid mistakes.

I just installed Maui on my work computer with GTX 645 NVIDIA, and so far loving it as long as it doesn’t break after an update! :blush:

I also tried to install it on my new computer with NVIDA GTX 960, but it wouldn’t load up. I suppose it doesn’t support late model NVIDIA?

By the way, why there is no Maui on the form?

@ fredhoud:

May I please know what difference is there in KDE Neon and Maui ?
I am a Netrunner 14.2 user and want a distro with less changes/updates than Netrunner rolling.
Will Maui filter the latest and greatest plasma updates of KDE neon as Manjaro does with arch and deliver a smoother experience to the user?
What will be the frequency of plasma updates in Maui?

I’m interested in that question too. Somewhere else it was said, that the kernel Maui uses is not signed (secure boot) - so it seems to use another kernel than Ubuntu 16.04 and/or Neon?

There are additional and/or alternative applications, Ubuntu and Neon don’t ship per default. Are there additional applications compared to Netrunner 17 and applications ditched compared to Netrunner 17?

And there are some obvious special settings (like another layout of systemsettings) and look and feel (like the wallpaper/s, some icons, another plasma theme)?

But i guess there are also some under the hood differences?