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Looks like the trust has been broken, people are moving on to something else.


Exactly - that’s the main problem I still have with Maui or better to say with the devs decision about no upgrade path… It for sure may be a good distribution (I haven’t installed yet, still clinging to my Netrunner 17) but I feel like the devs pulled the rug out from under me. And I don’t know how trusty the new concept will be or if they maybe do the same again the moment I rely on it…

Edit: I’ve just read in another thread that there will be an upgrade script to Ubuntu 16.04 - so that nobody will be left “out in the rain” - thanks, that restores my faith in you :).


Here is the thing:
We understand that the situation may look a bit “meh”, and that was to be expected, since the whole underlying break from Kubuntu and transition to Neon was quite a disruption in workflow. Linux means a harsh landscape where everything can move quickly, so we kind of anticpate change and challenges and adapt to it. The change to Neon was a first logical consequence and therefore it is not honest to promise people an easy mass upgrade to that diverged platform with a straight face.
As taking measurements due to this change and the experience of being reliant and dependent too much from an upstream, instead of relying on the new neon/ubuntu base only, we are at the same time doing BIG efforts for Netrunner to resolve this and offer a base alternative that is much more under our control and save for our users to rely on, since the same is true and has hit Netrunner Rolling based on Manjaro upstream (instead of underlying arch), so there too we are hit by upgrades that may well work for the upstream but not well enough for Netrunner. There are some decisions to be made, but I am confident, people will like what we cook up with the new Netrunner to-be-emerging soon (this month).
Meanwhile for all previously Kubuntu (really Ubuntu-platform) fans, neon is the logical option from a Blue Systems POV that is viable, but of course is a different underlying base as before, hence “Maui”.
For everything Netrunner, stay tuned or try something else and come back later. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update starbuck I’m tuned in and waiting.


At first I thought the same thing; but I do understand why there is no upgrade path. Different bases is the reasoning if I’m not mistaken. Netrunner 17 is/was Kubuntu based where Maui is Ubuntu/KDE Neon. It is all in the forking of the distro. Same difference as what happened at Mandriva Linux. They are now openMandriva, PCLinuxOS, and Mageia. Furtures change. :slight_smile:


Yes, with Neon departing from Kubuntu, Netrunner also decided to break from all previously Kubuntu based versions. With Debian Netrunner in the making for over a year, we split Ubuntu to Maui and start introducing now the pure Debian based versions as Netrunner Core and Desktop, also for arm based boards like Odroid C1. Lets see for another 6-12 months how it plays out.


You know many say the linux desktop is fragmented.
Yes this is true, linux has countless distros.
But Netrunner/Maui/Nurunner whenever the heck its going to be called next week… what the fudge.
This has to be the most schizophrenic distro out there


Ah well, we have no idea who forked Nurunner.