upcoming kf5/plasma 5 updates?

I wonder if netrunner15 will get plasma5.3 -> and kf5.8-> ?

or is it just the rolling version that will have the latest version, if so…when will the next rolling version with kf5 arrive?

It will stick to 5.2 for now.
There are no plans currently for a kf5 version for rolling.

Leszek if you meant a KF5/plasma 5 version of the ISO then that would make sense.

Many of the 14.12.2 versions of the KDE Applications already use KF5 so the update process does install some parts of KF 5.6 for these applications as dependencies.

There are also plans for replacing KDE SC 4 with Plasma 5 on the 0.9.0 snapshot release ISO of Manjaro.
However, Manjaro will not be upgrading already installed systems to Plasma 5 as this is not possible and a new installation would be required.

I think it would be nice for netrunner15 to get plasm5.3 and kf5.9 update at least… so it would be somewhat in sync with kubuntu 15.04. why? well the current version is not that stable (it’s usable)…okay I dont know if u are going to make a netunner15.x

about the rolling kf5 version, any idea how long it takes ? even just a testing ISO version?

KF5 (KDE Frameworks 5) are just the libraries and API’s that the Plasma 5 DE is built on top of, these frameworks are released independently and can be used without any portion of the Plasma 5 DE.

The next stable Snapshot release of Manjaro will be 0.9.0 and will feature the new Calamares Installer.

As far as a Plasma 5 version of the Manjaro 0.9.0 ISO, there is already a PRE 2 version out:

I have no Idea when Netrunner is going to release a new Rolling ISO based on the Manjaro repositories, it will however be up to them whether or not they are going to use KDE SC 4 or Plasma 5 for their 0.9.0 snapshot.

so this is more of wait and see kind of game when it comes to KF5…it seems nobody has figured out what they should do with kf5/plasma5.

I would have never thought it’s this hard to have some kind testing version already… and no I won’t test manjaro…it’s horrible… i know that netrunner rolling is based on that, but I like to call netrunner rolling …a fixed version of manjaro kde.

I really don’t see why updating netrunner 15s plasma5/kf5 to the latest version at this stage of kf5 development could hurt. okay I don’t know your gameplan maybe u are going to release a netrunner 15.x someday as an upgrade, if so then its okay if that happens soon’ish (few months)

Netrunner 15 was released mainly to test our plasma 5 and to improve it by more people using it and reporting bugs.
As for KF5 it is developed independently and we still need to wait for most apps to be ported to it.
Plasma 5.2 in Netrunner 15 shows how well it can work with kde sc 4.x applications.
And don’t worry we are constantly working on improvements not only for Netrunner but also plasma 5 and kf5. (we have excellent people working on it)

As Manjaro user and beta tester back in the early days of version 0.1.x, way before the 0.8 release even, I take a little offense to you calling it horrible, but since that is your opinion I will respect it.

Actually, almost all of the officially supported applications that make up the KDE Applications releases have been ported to KF5 (including Dolphin), they just need to be considered stable and feature complete from their individual developers before they will be submitted for inclusion into an official KDE Applications release.

Please be patient, Plasma 5 is shaping up to be the best Frameworks + DE + KDE Applications released by the KDE community to date, it just takes longer for the applications to get finished and included since these are mostly made by independent developers and projects.

I know that most of the kde4 apps are ported to Qt5, and I also know about calamares…I’m ex-chakraOS maintainer (left few days ago)…now I’m looking for an other distro to torture…haha :smiley: I mean to use

about why I hate manjaro…well everytime I try to update something…it broke, weird part is that netrunner rolling does not have this problem

That seems odd, the Manjaro developers do the best at vetting most problems and/or user interventions coming from upstream that arise.

May I ask how long it’s been since you last tried Manjaro. and which editions it was?

Not that it really matters much, other than a few additions, some small configuration tweeks and of course visual design differences, Netrunner Rolling is not that much different than the current Manjaro KDE edition.

Besides, starbuck. leszek and myself are always here to help users through the small niggles that do come up from time to time. :slight_smile:

will you guys update at least to plasma 5.2.1? its just a bug-fix release.

btw. I notice that breeze dark desktop/plasma theme doesn’t work…
and the voiume widget/applet doesn’t work at all, same goes with notification I get the pop ups but can’t check “history” aka. i can’t check them afterwards if I miss the notification.

ooh and WIFI won’t auto connect…I think that was few of my plasma5 problems, no idea if they are upstream problems, I haven’t been using KF5/plasma5 for that long… this is my first time using it as my main DE actually

We pushed an update today featuring the missing fixes from 5.2.1. Few other updates will come.

What does not work exactly with the breeze dark theme?
Did you relogin for the cache to renew itself?

As for wireless not autoconnecting did you try setting your wireless connection to system connection to have it autoconnect?
Is Kwallet configured correctly (by default we ship it with an empty password which works fine even after installation)
The volume applet is also working fine here. It doesn’t show you any popup or what is the exact problem?
Notifications are also working fine here. If you dismiss them while they appear they will be removed aswell from history. This was a design decision we patched in to be more consistent with older releases

weird…I have the same problems on my ultrabook and my desktop and u don’t…okay.
1st. the breeze dark, the problem is that I get white panel background (reboot does not even help)
2nd. okay it seems the plasma5 update fixed the wifi problem
3rd. nothing happens when I try change my volume, whatever I choose it doesn’t work…kmix does work just fine.
4th. sometimes those notification goes away way to fast so u can’t see them so it would be nice to check what it was, okay usually those notifications aren’t important. Also when u for example game or watch a movie or something that uses the full screen, u can’t see them…so thats a weird design decision not to have at least history to show the recent 5 notifications

Notifications if not dismissed should stack up under the icon on the far right of the panel. (left beside of the configure icon)

I have don’t have the default setup…did not like it…I changed it so that the notification is enabled inside my system tray widget

Maybe that’s the problem. Did you try disabling it there and having it run as its own widget in the panel?

also I use USB DacMagic XS for my audio, and I have Built-in Audio (and nvidia HDMI) disabled…but when I unplugged my USB DacMagic XS plasma 5 went in crash loop, it did not stop until I replugged it or enabled Build-in Audio.

okay now I tested it and disabled systemtray version… and it worked… I think it should work on both ways

if u have questions u can find me @ #netrunner-os irc-channel … (also, #jollamobile)

You first issue is a graphics driver / chipset problem, the white backgrounds only happens when the chip or driver doesn’t support the compositor method selected under system settings > display > compositor. This would be the same reason for the full screen issue.

hmm…my ultrabook has intel hd4000 (only) and my desktop nvdia gtx560ti (non-free drivers) I did not have this problem on KaOS (I think)… breeze dark is the only dark plasma theme I have a problem with. oh and I installed the latest nvidia 460 drivers.

also why is there in Region setting : Finland - svenska (sv_FI)…where is Suomi - suomi (fi_FI) !!!
it should be swedish but its not even close…I have no idea what I’m reading.

Go into System Settings > Display > Compositor and choose the correct OpenGL version and set it to use native instead raster, this will have Plasma using hardware acceleration rater than software.

For full screen hardware acceleration of videos on the Intel chip there is a separate libva-intel-vaapi-driver available:
VAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics family