Boot Failure After Update

So with this Kubuntu had not tried. But Netrunner 17 based on Kubuntu, I think that the problem would be the same.

Still … even if I do not update the kernel, the Mesa drivers do not update and leave everything as you have it in your OS, I still have these problems! whether with new Mesa and kernel or without new Mesa or kernel. The problems Netrunner 7 remain the same, this sddm 0.13 makes problems!

And the question is, what do I do? The seems to me that Netrunner 7 my graphics card does not recognize correctly, configured, and then lead to this fatal error. I wrote, I have these problems even if I use your kernel and Mesa. So the old versions.

Just a thought, have you given the proprietary catalyst drivers a try yet?

I have one system that is a bit older (nvidia nforce 430 / AMD 64) and I have to use the legacy NVIDIA proprietary drivers on it, otherwise I get the same garbled screen and system freeze after a few minutes of the system running using the nouveau drivers. The only other way around the issue was to add option “ShadowFB” “on” to my xorg.conf file for the nouveau drivers to not crash my system, still the proprietary drivers work better as there is no screen tearing, but that’s another story.

I run the rolling edition so I usually encounter, or at least here of these kinds of issues before the Ubuntu version does, still I haven’t heard of this one up until now.

Yes I have already tried with the ATI drivers. No chance! Since then nothing works for me.

Ah, if after trying the catalyst drivers your issues began then we have a place to start.
Are you sure that the catalyst drivers are completely removed, and that the radeon drivers are no longer black listed and installed properly?

The ATI driver, I had not been installed in the third installation of Netrunner, only problems, but they are still available with the Mesa drivers.

Have now looked after, after I restart your machine:

I land in TTF1

the problem I had with sddm 0.11 not until 0.13 and the problem is with Mesa 11.1

The ATI catalyst drivers don’t use mesa, like the Nvidia drivers they have their own opengl implementation.
Mesa is only used with the open source drivers.

I know, yes I will use the free driver.

Nevertheless, we can not get around it that sddm caused big problems with me. And coming when Netrunner pulls the updates when it is first installed. Without these updates, I do not have these problems.
The only question is, what can I do. Again reinstall? That would be the fourth time.

the problem is and remains sddm 0.13 and I land again when I reboot the computer in tty1

We’ve been using sddm 0.13.0 under arch now since 2015-12-07 and haven’t had any issues with it. All the issues we did have with it were due to the Intel + mesa drivers. We have however had issues reported about kernels 4.4.5 and 4.5-rcX and their radeon drivers causing the xorg server error: unable to connect to server.

that’s good to know just what I’m doing now?

the problem I have but also with your kernel 4.2 and sddm 0:13, then will not start the surface, but it is much worse, then I have only distributed beams across the screen and then nothing more.

My question would be besides sddm what else was updated?
systemd, xorg, pam, etc.

No, nothing else has been updated. Only KDE, then the program, a new kernel and sddm. And if I use your kernel and the update put the Netrunner offers me, then the problems begin. Only colored bars on my screen. And before the updates, everything works fine. Only then the problems begin, when you start shaking your Netrunner Logo and then nothing works.

Since the rolling edition already has the 4.4 kernel, sddm 0.13.0 xorg 1.17.4 and xf86-video-ati 7.6.1 could you download the 2016.01 ISO and see if it boots up in live mode, then ctrl+backspace to see if the sddm login screen appears.

Only I have no USB sticks more to again zuerstellen USB Starter.

But what I find very funny, sddm 0.11 works with Linux 4.4.5 and 4.5 very good, just not sddm 0.13?

I’m using Linux 4.4.5 with sddm 0.13 right now on three different system without any issues, but none of these are ATI, two are Intel and one is an OLD GeForce 6150se.

It has to be some combination of the drivers and xorg, sddm just loads on top of xorg.
could you try this:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

and reboot.

Could you also post the output of:

lsmod | grep radeon

has brought nothing, I land right back in tty1 and Netrunner Spalshscreen when starting flickers all the time beiom start.

and the second command is the following:

has brought nothing, I land right back in tty1 and Netrunner Spalshscreen when starting flickers all the time beiom start.

and the second command is the following:

lsmod | grep radeon radeon 1511424 8 i2c_algo_bit 16384 1 radeon ttm 98304 1 radeon drm_kms_helper 147456 1 radeon drm 364544 11 ttm,drm_kms_helper,radeon

What do you mean by “Netrunner Spalshscreen when starting flickers all the time beiom start”?
Plymouth shouldn’t be “flickering”.

but it flickers during startup and then I come in tty1 purely

What happens if you press alt+f7 when in tty1?

Please, post the contents of your /etc/sddm.conf file.
There should be one.