New distro to base Netrunner Rolling on!

I just wanted to mention, that since NRR has gotten redundant and sounds likely to be canceled at some future date, maybe it could be re-based on Siduction or perhaps on Debian sid repo itself.
That would make it an even better companion distro to Netrunner based on Debian stable.
It might be less work for you devs since they would both be based on Debian.
And you would still be able to offer your people a Netrunner Rolling distro!

And just how stable would that be for a daily driver that works on long term projects ?

If you need a daily driver that is really stable, you could choose between Netrunner Stable and Netrunner Rolling based on Siduction Linux which is a rolling distro. Choose which one best suits your needs.
I am not trying to start an argument. I was only trying to think of a replacement for Netrunner Rolling based on Manjaro which the devs indicated has become redundant and may be phased out at some point.
I think Siduction might have it’s own repo(s) where they do more testing and fixup from the Debian Sid repo and use that in their Siduction distro, similar to what Manjaro does with the Arch repo. It might be worth checking out as a logical replacement for Manjaro in Netrunner Rolling since it is also based on Debian.

Try reading what you wrote before posting



SO what am I do to,
Oh yeah chose between netrunner stable or netrunner rolling,(your words)
lets not forget netrunner rolling is NOW redunant.DUH

and Siduction is NOT a stable rolling release, even on Distrowatch it is classed as unstable !

You seem to have NO idea what NRR is…
and “is” is now “was”
Thanks for the advice that’s one more to ignore.
Thank-you and goodbye

Wow! What grade are you in?
It sounds like you are angry at the devs because they are phasing out your beloved Manjaro based NRR and you feel the need to throw a tantrum at someone. I had nothing to do with their decision.
Manjaro just came out with their latest release less than 24 hours ago…try that!

Unlike you I finished school
I am not angry
sad how NRR is shutting down
and amazed that you think my comments where in anger
Can you not handle a reply that shows you are wrong ?
I’m surprised that you think the advice you gave is of any use,
Is it useful for replacing Netrunner Rolling ?
NO it is not -Jett

read it, you wrote that great advice

OK, let me weigh in here and try to clear up a few things.

A) Sid is not exactly stable enough, it is after all, Debian’s Unstable branch.

B) We already have a rolling option in our Debian editions, you only need to enable the testing repositories.

If you’d like more of a, from one stable release to another, style update , you can try this:

C) Once I have a chance to work out all the details, I will be creating a tutorial on how to perform an in place switch from NRR to upstream Manjaro KDE. Besides the obvious themeing, there are many other differences, from grub defaults, and default systemd init services, to default groups, and settings. There are also some custom application package that will need to be looked at, things like gmusicbrowser-filterfun, web-menu-entries, and some plasma custom kcm’s and plasma applets, etc. that either don’t exist upstream, or that were pulled from the AUR and/or upstream arch (steam). This could take a bit of time, as I want to make the switch is as quick, and simple a process as possible.